Roberto Prusso







Roberto Prusso

Roberto Prusso

Butuan, A8


Fifth generation native of California U.S.A. Now reside and practice my works on paper in Butuan City, Mindanao, Philippines.
A life long artist, naturalist and environmental advocate. I have lived and practice/studied art styles and techniques in Mexico, Japan, and the south west states of the United States. The majority of my work is in the hands of private collectors in North America, Europe, and Asia.
I am associated with art gallery and studio in Butuan City.



Still life fruit grasshopper butterfly by Reproduction


Banana and butterfly by Reproduction


Sea creatures by Reproduction


The black cat by Reproduction


Victor Hugo by Reproduction


John Steinbeck by Reproduction


Ernest Hemingway by Reproduction


Foxgloves by Reproduction


Autumn maple by Reproduction


Dance of flames by Reproduction


Flowering Autumn maple with poem by Reproduction


Floral on silk by Reproduction


Opso luxury perfumes by Reproduction


Liberty calling by Reproduction


Poster art by Reproduction


Poster art by Roberto Prusso


Calm spring in Jiangnan by Reproduction


Cocks fighting by Reproduction


Calypso rhythm by Roberto Prusso


Organismic volition by Roberto Prusso


Clown in the clouds by Roberto Prusso


Comunque fuori di que by Roberto Prusso


Cockatoo and Pomegranate by Reproduction


Pomegranate and parrot by Reproduction


Circus performers by Reproduction


Avversari Preistorici by Roberto Prusso


Another fine mess you got us into by Reproductions


Alice by Reproductions


Gypsy woman with baby by Reproductions


Le repas frugal by Reproductions


Garcon a la pipe by Reproductions


Woman with comb by Reproductions


Bleu Femme Fatal by Roberto Prusso


la muerte en la plaza de toros by Roberto Prusso


The fog warning by Reproductio


The Prospector by Reproduction


Oscar Wilde by Reproductions


Lychee by Roberto Prusso


Pine tree Stone Wisteria by Reproduction


Chicago gangland map by Roberto Prusso


Shanghai - Poster by Roberto Prusso


Rider of the SMS by Roberto Prusso


Motorcycle - Poster by Roberto Prusso


Sakura no jikan II by Roberto Prusso


New year on the Cimarron by Roberto Prusso


His first lesson by PGreproductions


Indian Love Call by Roberto Prusso


Indian by the fire by Roberto Prusso